Narendra Modi’s Facebook page makes him world’s most popular leader after President Obama

When you’re the head of the world’s biggest democracy like Narendra Modi is, then your Facebook page is likely to attract a lot of fans. Now Facebook’s Andy Stone has revealed that India’s soon-to-be sworn in Prime Minister boasts of having the fastest growing page in the world compared to other politicians and elected officials.

Narendra Modi’s ever increasing fan base has been registering rapid growth during the last day, week and month, says Stone who is the social network’s policy communications executive. The politician has over 15 million likes on his Facebook page as of now. Meanwhile, Rahul Gandhi and Arvind Kejriwal have 359000 and 5.4 million likes, respectively.

Narendra Modi Facebook Page

Modi stands second only to Barack Obama who has 40 million likes, if you’re going to compare politicians’ popularity on the social networking website. During the first phase of the India’s Lok Sabha general elections in early April, Modi had 12.46 million fans. Once named as the Prime Minister-Designate by the country’s President, Pranab Mukherjee, his count of followers on Facebook rose to 15.245 million.

This makes Narendra Modi the second most popular elected leader on the globe, with a follower base any social media fanatic would kill to earn. But India’s most important person obviously has more on his mind than what people think of him on Facebook. From the day elections were announced to when polling ended, 2/3 of daily active Facebook users in the nation engaged in posts, comments, shares, and likes relevant to the event.

This level of interaction has prompted the social network to roll out its I’m a Voter feature in other regions such as Europe, New Zealand, the US, Colombia, South Korea and more says NDTV.