NaMo antivirus software to protect your PC for free, named after India’s PM

NaMo is the name of a free anti-virus software dedicated to the current Indian prime minister, Narendra Modi, and you can download it onto your PCs right now to ensure that your machines are safe from any security threats. Its features don’t have anything to do with the prominent leader from Gujarat, nor is it endorsed by him, but its makers have decided to name it NaMo nonetheless.

This will obviously help popularize the software owing to the current media storm that’s surrounding the prime minister. A name like this one guarantees easy marketing and hence the developers of this software can rest assured that their anti-virus to protect PCs, grabs eyeballs.


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NaMo AV guards PCs against malware and virus attacks using real-time detection of threats. As revealed by The Times of India, while basic protection is free, there are plans by the company to introduce paid versions with advanced features (please see comments section for the developers’ stance on this). A version for Mac devices is also on the cards for the future.

This software has been created by a firm called Innovazion, the CEO of which has said that the company has no affiliation to any political party or its leaders. He has however maintained that with this software they wish to ‘congratulate the current government’ and convey a message that the nation has ‘high expectations’ of it.

This is not the first time that the name NaMo is being used for marketing purposes. An Android smartphone as well as an online store dedicated solely to selling Narendra Modi merchandise have been witnessed in the past. It is hence no surprise that the makers behind the anti-virus too want to borrow the famed name.

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It’s left to see how well the NaMo AV software is able to match the popularity of the Indian leader.

This post has been updated to reflect the information provided in the comments section by the team behind NaMo AV.

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