GamesNamco Bandai Toss the Ball cross platform game on Android and iPhone

Namco Bandai Toss the Ball cross platform game on Android and iPhone

Toss the Ball iPhone Android

Namco Bandai has introduced its Toss the Ball game for iPhone and Android devices. The game will enable cross platform multiplayer gaming among users of both mobile platforms.

The racetrack cum skeeball style game is based on a carnival theme. Players toss the ball by swiping fingers, managing to land it through one of the holes. Select holes contain bonuses and power-ups like speed bonus, instant ball, and magnetism, which can boost scores and speed up the race to the finish line. Individual match winners get additional games like spin the wheel or scratcher where they can win rewards like XP, a new ball or game board rental.

“We’re looking to simultaneously deliver fun new titles of all genres to multiple mobile platforms. Toss the Ball bridges the gap between iOS and Android users by allowing them to play such a competitive, classic midway game together,” commented Carlson Choi, Vice President of Marketing, Namco Bandai Games America.

The game includes four modes namely – rolling race, ball of time, chill mode, and multiplayer. Apart from this, five game boards like happy race, speedy board, bumpy board, curve board, lover board and twelve unlockable balls including treasure ball and ninja ball, each with special abilities, are also offered. Cross platform multiplayer gaming, for up to six contenders simultaneously, is locally supported by Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection, or by Apple’s GameCenter online.

Namco Bandai Toss the Ball is developed by Revo solutions. With a premium upgrade of $0.99, it is available as a free download at the Android Market and Apple’s App Store.

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