NAMCO BANDAI Europe rolls out Brain Coach with Dr. Kawashima Mobile Game in UK

Brain Coach with Dr.Kawashima Mobile Game

NAMCO BANDAI Networks Europe has announced a new mobile game known as ‘Brain Coach with Dr. Kawashima’. This game has been designed to increase growth of brain training.

This game is said to stimulates the brain and has been tested in a leading university in Japan and officially approved by famous neurophysiologist Dr. Kawashima.

Masaji Okubo, Managing Director of NAMCO BANDAI Networks Europe Ltd said, “With Dr. Kawashima’s official approval, we are very proud to take this popular genre to the next level.”

He further continued “Players are now presented a new and scientifically proven series of fun brain training challenges that actually help activate different parts of the brain.”

Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training: How Old Is Your Brain? game was initially designed for Nintendo DS platform and was a great success and has been on the top position on video games charts. So, they have now decided to launch this game on mobile phones so mobile users can enjoy train their brains.

This game is meant for both younger as well as older people. As older people are not used to play games but this game will help them to increase their brain.

Since this game ‘Brain Coach with Dr. Kawashima’ has now been made available on mobile phones, players can now make use of it to increase their brain power.

The game ‘Brain Coach with Dr. Kawashima’ includes challenging exercise which will help the players train and track their brain fitness on a daily basis.

The game ‘Brain Coach with Dr. Kawashima’ is made available on mobile phones in December across UK.