GamesN-Gaging Metal Gear Solid Mobile Game

N-Gaging Metal Gear Solid Mobile Game

MGS Mobile game Konami and Nokia N-Gage are finally engaged with each other as they announced their partnership. The baby resulting from this collaboration? – A flood of Konami mobile games on the relaunched N-Gage platform. And the first one happens to be Metal Gear Solid.

Not only games, but Konami will also be supplying screen wallpapers and ring tones to Nokia on different game franchises. The relaunch of the gaming platforms by Nokia made the N81 8GB, N82, N95 and N95 8GB models available for gamers to download games.

But Metal Gear Solid in particular is a game that enables players to use numerous tactics to enjoy the game to the maximum. One of which is camouflaging the Solid Snake with colours in real life by using the handset’s camera in the game. Now isn’t that really cool? Plus Ideaworks3D has also introduced extra controls meant only for gaming on mobile.

The game is developed by Ideaworks3D in conjunction with Airplay 3.5 SDK. And they plan to take the gaming experience all together to a different level with excellent graphics, 3D art displays and additional features only for mobile phones. As Gregg Sauter, director of Nokia’s third party games publishing puts it: “Metal Gear Solid on N-Gage will raise the bar with respect to graphical detail and made-for-mobile features.”

The launch of Metal Gear Solid is going to happen around the time Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots will be launched for PS3, some time in June. The prices of the game however have not been revealed. But going by Nokia’s previous announcements made during the launch of the gaming service, the download prices of the games are supposed to be $8-$14 per piece.

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