myLanguage updates myLanguage Pro iPhone app

myLanguage Logo iPhone owners using myLanguage Pro app may be enthralled to know that myLanguage has declared that its flagship application is now updated and provides more streamlined interface and varied text-to-speech support.

What makes this app stand apart from other translation apps is that it not only delivers translations but also gathers data and user feedback on them. So now when anyone makes a translation, users can rate how it proved to be useful for them or even provide a suggestion.

Andrew Lauder, chief executive officer and founder at myLanguage, commented, “We are very lucky to have a large and active community providing us with product feedback and suggestions, allowing us to continuously improve. In myLanguage Pro v1.4, published today, we’ve done just that – a single screen translation interface and added support for text-to-speech in UK English, Spain Spanish, Belgian Dutch, Canadian French and Brazilian Portuguese.”

Lauder added, “We continue to make good progress in our goal to add support for as many of the worlds languages. We’re delighted with the active participation of our community and their support in making us the top 10 purchased travel app in 15 countries world wide! Not only that, we have crossed an incredible milestone month for our company – we’ve completed more than 5.2M unique translations at of the end of March. We expect to continue improving myLanguage Translator, and providing more fun, engaging and practical language applications for our community and partners going forward.”

myLanguage’s globally diverse team can subsequently choose and classify the data and make the essential enhancements, while improving precision.

This latest update of myLanguage Pro can be downloaded for no charge from the Apple App Store.