GoogleMy Location feature now available on Google Maps for Android

My Location feature now available on Google Maps for Android

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Google Maps for Android has just been tweaked with a new feature dubbed, My Location. Basically, this attribute will forecast the time required for reaching a particular spot by taking into account the present traffic status.

This feature is aimed to aid those always crunched for time, especially with regards to something important like a doctor’s appointment or a business meeting. In locations where such data is already present, the service is expected to refresh itself on a timely basis to deliver the latest estimate. The prompt responses of the app are provided in terms of the present traffic scenarios in the path leading to the destination.

To get started with this trait supported by the app, users simply need to get a hand with directions, that is done generally while accessing Google Maps. On the lower side of the screen, the estimated time will be visible along with the distance remaining. Information with respect to the presence or absence of traffic will also be displayed.

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To avail of this feature, the official Google Lat Long blog mentions a GPS-enabled device and the Google Maps for mobile app as the basic requirements. Once the user has enabled the My Location feature, anonymous strings of data are passed on to the main domain. Combining the speeds of all drivers currently on the road would give a fair idea of the current traffic condition.

As more people access the facility, the output is deemed to get better. The My Location feature is now part of the Google Maps for Android app.

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