Multicast brings its ultimate live streaming and on-demand video to iPhone

Multicast video iPhone

Multicast extends its flagship Multicast Media Suite Solution as live streaming and on-demand video is now available for the iPhone. Multicast claims to be the first online video platform provider to bring a full array of functionalities required to transcode, manage, deliver and display content on the iPhone.

With the release of the new version, the company now offers new channels of communication for various companies. As a result, these companies can provide advanced and interactive media content to their staff, prospects, members and customers.

“Multicast is always looking for better, more effective ways to deliver messages from our clients to their audience,” explained Lou Schwartz, chief executive officer of Multicast. “With our enhanced capability to deliver both live and on-demand content to the iPhone and iPod Touch, we are extending the capability we offer for publishing live and on demand video, audio and rich media presentations via the Internet to enable companies to reach out to their target audiences when, where and, most importantly, how those people prefer.”

According to Neilson Online statistics, there are approximately 6.4 million iPhone users in the US as of April 2009. About 2.6 million users out of the total number watched videos on their device and 16 percent were captivated with mobile advertising.

“Our clients who want to publish video to the iPhone use the same efficient, project-based workflow that they use to publish videos on the Internet,” said Chris Jeffs, VP of Solutions Management for Multicast. “As a result, they now have a fast, easy-to-use option for quickly delivering branded content to the iPhone with no additional training required. Because we offer a complete, hosted solution for managing all of an organization’s video publishing needs, companies can get started quickly, deliver high quality, branded viewing experience and leverage media assets across both the Internet and the iPhone. And, they can do that all without the time, expense and risk involved in creating do-it-yourself video solutions for the Internet or an iPhone applet.”

iPhone streaming capabilities offer new possibilities of information sharing opportunities. Owing to Multicast, several organizations can promote their products and services, eliminating the time consumed and expense involved in developing a specific iPhone application. Organizations can also offer visually-oriented training materials to their employees and expand mobile marketing initiatives to deliver ultimate rich media content.

Besides creating and managing a library of videos and rich media assets, the Multicast Media Suite allows iPhone users to upload files and convert them to MP4 file (if required). It also offers an efficient four-step workflow that enables users to create live and on-demand project, delivering a rich brand viewing experience. Clients can access content through a link that opens an application on their devices. As a result, organizations do not need to create their own applets or make them available through the Apple App Store. With the analytics dashboard, users can access information like reviews from audiences, popularity of videos and other metrics.