MotoYuva W180 with Hinglish Dictionary to be launched in India soon

Motorola Phone Motorola plans to launch a new mobile phone for the younger generation in India. The model name is already known as the MotoYuva W180.

The new MotoYuva W180 handsets will have dual mode of messaging etched on the keypad for easy messaging. MotoYuva is the first phone with a Hindi dictionary embedded with 30,000 Hindi words. Thus, this Hinglish (Hindi-English mix) dictionary works in the same way as traditional English dictionaries on phones work.

Besides the Hindi dictionary, MotoYuva W180 also has Hindu calendar with data such as festivals, holidays, nakshatras, sunrise and sunset time, yoga, karan and tithi come built in with the phone.

Motorola has even consulted some astrologers for taking help for the format and making sure for the genuineness.

“Today, we’re trying to get closer to the youth consumer, and the feature of the phone reflects the Indian reality,” said Lloyd Mathias, director-marketing, Motorola India.