Motorola Razr i with 2GHz Intel processor revealed

Intel has been visibly fervent about joining the mobile segment and the 2GHz Motorola Razr i could only be one of the first few steps of the chip-maker’s ambitious ventures on this front. The phone manufacturer says the device’s touchscreen is edge-to-edge; wait for it – with ‘virtually no border.’ Meaning there is an extremely thin bezel framing the face.

The embedded Intel Atom processor is expected to let the smartphone reach speeds of up to 2GHz. The two companies have painted a pretty picture of users being able to hop from one task to another with ease and that too on a battery which is apparently 40% more powerful than the iPhone 4S’. The usage time between charges can be further extended with the help of Smartactions which intuitively executes specific tasks like stopping the handset from ringing out loud during a boardroom discussion.

Motorola Intel Smartphone

“Motorola Rzar i with Intel Inside naturally blends together the value propositions of high performance Intel Architecture and great battery life, Motorola Mobility device innovation and the Android platform,” remarked Erik Reid, general manager, Intel’s Mobile and Communications Group. “Intel’s goal is to provide compelling technology options that translate into great user benefits and experiences. Razr i is a great proofpoint in the collaboration and we’re thrilled to be working with Motorola to bring this edge-to-edge experience enhanced with Intel Inside to people around the world.”

Moving on to the key specifications of the Motorola Razr i, the touch display stretched across its front is a 4.3-inch, Gorilla Glass-shielded screen highlighted by an aluminum frame. The chassis’ rear is crafted from DuPont Kevlar and there’s a splash-guard coating for protecting the internals from spills. The device runs on Android 4.0 and is upgradeable to Jelly Bean. The last bit of the meager specs details we’ve been offered covers an 8MP camera with a multi-shot mode, illuminated sensor and HDR.

Motorola Razr i Smartphone

The Motorola Razr i price hasn’t received a proper mention as yet. All we know is that the phone will be available in black starting from October. It is set to initially hit Europe and Latin America regions such as Argentina, Brazil, France, Germany, Mexico and the UK.