Motorola Obtains Soundbuzz ; MOTOMUSIC Coming Soon to India

Soundbuzz and Motorola Logo Motorola has signed an agreement to obtain Soundbuzz in Singapore, a privately held pan-Asian music provider. Motorola is offering music to its consumers through its MOTOMUSIC service for past two years.

This service is already available for customers of China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Now Motorola wants to expand MOTOMUSIC boundaries beyond China, into India, Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

There is over 90 percent of digital music content in Asia sold through the mobile channels. With Motorola’s new offering, users will be able to access and increase the growth of music.

Soundbuzz CEO Sudhanshu Sarronwala commented, “Motorola’s dedication to enhancing the digital music experience in Asia complements our own objectives and makes it the ideal partner.”

He further continued, “This combination will help us extend our platform and create exciting growth opportunities for Soundbuzz’s employees and our partner music labels.”

Soundbuzz’s multi-region music delivery platform enables the purchase and distribution of digital content through over-the-air and wired broadband connections. The company’s end-to-end system includes subscriber management, content management, payment, client software and media delivery technologies.

Soundbuzz has accessed extensive music libraries in the Asia-Pacific region, through licenses from Sony BMG, EMI, Warner Music International and Universal Music Group, and over 45 independent record labels in Asia, the U.S. and Europe.

Soundbuzz has around 750,000 tracks available for download which can be bought by the consumers and can also be downloaded on their PCs, portable players or cell phones.

The terms of the transactions are however not yet known but are expected to be disclosed by the first quarter of 2008.