MotorolaMotorola i9 photos flashes on the website

Motorola i9 photos flashes on the website

Motorola i9 phone As the Christmas season is coming closer new phones are getting released every other day. The Motorola i9 pictures appeared on the website that is designed to work in network iDEN. The phone should be released by Sprint Nextel.

The Motorola i9 phone is built on RAZR2 design but the i9 phone seems to have a sharper design to make it look a bit cooler than the RAZR2 phone. The iDEN powered device allows Sprint customers to use its Push-to-talk service. It has a large internal display with smooth keys to operate it flexibly. The Motorola i9 phone runs on the Linux-Java operating system. The i9 phone is enriched with 3.1 megapixel camera featuring auto focus and flash light at the back surface. It is rumored that the phone may support GPS system and might have a Bluetooth connectivity.

As such only the Motorola i9 phone’s images are displayed on the website there is no mention on its features and specifications in details. So we got to wait till we get the phone’s functionality details along with its date of availability and price.

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