Motorola H690 Bluetooth Headset: Enjoy Handsfree Conversations

Motorola H690 Bluetooth headset Motorola has released its brand new Bluetooth headset ‘Motorola H690’ which arrives with a promise of best sound quality and top quality performance.

The stylish and professional Bluetooth headset provides comfortable hearing with cushioning on its earpiece. The Bluetooth headset is smart to eliminate the background chaos with its noise reduction and echo cancellation technology. The handsfree device also has dual microphones with Digital Signal Processing which provides supreme sound quality.

The headset pairs easily with 200 Bluetooth-enabled devices with the EasyPair technology. The device is as light as 12g with 5.5 hours of talk-time and is ready to enter the mobile markets by the second quarter of 2008. However, the pricing has not yet been revealed till now.