Motorola DH02– A Mobile Phone or a Compact TV?

Motorola DH02 Mobile TV Motorola is all set to proudly unveil its Motorola DH02. However, this phone with its widescreen and mobile TV features, looks more or less similar to a compact Television screen!

The Motorola DH02 mobile phone will soon flash off its 4.3-inch display screen with a 480×272 resolution pictures and supports up to twenty-five frames per second. This Mobile TV phone has a five minute frame buffering capability and also allows the convenience of live pause and time shifting of TV channels.

The sleek touchscreen phone boasts a GPS system which provides voice assistance in navigating through various roads and locations and provides real-time traffic updates, and speed alerts as well.

The Mobile TV phone provides ease of use by providing easy drag and drop of icons on screen and its slim body accept micro SD card for that extra storage space in a smaller form.

The price or the launch date of the Motorola DH02 is not yet available, but it definitely attracts a lot of attention and adulation already.