Motorola Car Rider Phone all set to Drive Along

Motorola Car Rider Phone

Motorola is all set to position its phone as a car phone with the Motorola Car rider handset. Here’s a GPS enabled phone which drives you through with its efficient maps and voice-based navigation functions.

The phone is an intelligent device which helps you to guide your way with turn-by-turn voice based instructions and on-screen directions and detailed maps on a 2.8-inch high resolution, sharp color display. The Motorola Car Rider Phone has the smart Bluetooth technology which allows driving the vehicle comfortably while having active calls. The phone has a loud and clear speakerphone teamed up with a sensitive microphone thus eliminating the need to scream into your mobile units as the Motorola Car rider is the best choice for driving along.

When the phone is away from the car, it has all the major functionalities and features loaded in it. The Motorola Car rider phone is expected to launch in June and the pricing details are yet not available. However this phone’s concept seems to be out of the box and to add icing to the cake, it provides comfort and convenience to the mobile user.