MotorolaMotoroi smartphone comes to Mexico through Iusacell

Motoroi smartphone comes to Mexico through Iusacell

Motoroi Mobile web browsing has seemingly become a must-have with next-gen users. Manufacturers are striving to bring in this feature into their line of handsets. Now, the recent to enter this space is the Motoroi smartphone through Iusacell in Mexico. This smartphone allows users to enjoy mobile Internet with a complete web browsing experience. Users can freely access Google applications like Google Maps, Gmail and YouTube effortlessly.

With a full HTML browser, users can visualize web pages like the way they appear on PCs including a speedy data processor and Flash applications, owing to the Iusacell network. Users can also combine multiple e-mail accounts and receive them in a single inbox. They can accommodate work and personal agendas as well.

Through the Global Address Book, business entrepreneurs can easily search contacts of colleagues and friends effortlessly. This handset allows easy access to voice services. It organizes and combines personal information from the Iusacell network. This device helps in increasing the productivity of employees with its fun and easy-to-use features.

The pricing details of the Motoroi smartphone are under wraps.

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