MotorolaMoto U9 Handset - Moto Pebl's sibling unveiled

Moto U9 Handset – Moto Pebl’s sibling unveiled

Moto U9 Phone With looks absolutely identical to the Moto Pebl phone and additional touch-ups, Motorola unveils the colorful Moto U9. The phone enters the mobile industry with 2 new colors namely pink and purple.

The Moto U9 has the same soft round corners as the Moto pebble. The flashy phone packs in a flat keypad, 25MB internal memory, 2MP camera, microSD card slot, Bluetooth 2.0, and USB 2.0. The phone also provides a good audio quality in noisy environments with its smart CrystalTalk technology.

The glossy looking phone has an illuminated display with no borders on the front screen which looks stylish. However it may not be as bright when used outdoors. When the flip is opened, it reveals a 2-inch screen, with touch sensitive keys. The Moto U9 also bears dedicated keys for the volume rocker and voice command for ease of use.

The Moto U9 seems to fall in the ‘Fashion Conscious’ basket and may appeal to women more. If you wish to lay your hands on this phone, it is available at an approximate price of £90 and free on contractual terms on certain mobile networks.

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