mophie juice pack universal chargers add grace to the Apple iPhone

Mophie Juice Pack

Mobile phone users who like to keep the battery indicator of their device ‘green’ all the time have just got an interesting option. mophie has just added three new offerings to the juice pack accessory line entitled the juice pack universal reserve, boost and power station.

These stylish and sleek external batteries are available with a retractable pin and are fully compatible with iPhone. All the units feature LED status indicators whereas the reserve and the boost feature LED flashlights. The chargers are highly portable and provide extra power to iPhones when users are on the move.

“We strive to continuously offer our customers new and convenient ways to harness additional, portable power, and the universal line is a natural progression beyond our juice pack case offering. In addition to new ways to keep the iPhone and iPod touch charged, we’re excited to enter the iPad accessory territory with the introduction of the power station,” commented Ross Howe, sales and product development director of mophie.

Aesthetically designed, mophie’s next generation chargers are equipped with 1000 mAh or 1500 mAh External battery for quick charge. The contemporary deluxe soft touch cases are dressed in black/silver combination for added style.

The mophie juice pack reserve is now available for $39.95. The mophie juice pack boost and power station will be available shortly for $59.95 and $99.95, respectively.