SoftwareMonsters vs. Aliens application released for the iPhone

Monsters vs. Aliens application released for the iPhone

Monsters vs. Aliens application The most recent announcement from AvatarLabs reveals the Monsters vs. Aliens application for the iPhone in the US. The launch of the application is a mutual effort between Avatar Labs and DreamWorks Animation SKG to promote and merchandise the upcoming film, Monsters vs. Aliens.

Monsters vs. Aliens application will be available in two versions. The free LITE version enables the user to know more about the film, watch trailers as well as view downloadable stills. It also provides information about the show times at nearby theaters. You can also interact with one of your favorite characters from the movie called B.O.B.

“‘B.O.B.’ is one of our favorite characters from the film,” states Mr. Cook, Executive Creative Director AvatarLabs. “So we jumped at the chance to feature him in the app. He’s funny and gelatinous, which makes him exciting to animate, and perfect to play with for kids of all ages.”

Kids will certainly enjoy interacting with their favorite character directly from their mobile phones. Tap, swipe and shake the iPhone to evoke the repeated responses. Additionally, it offers B.O.B Bundle suite of activities which includes a soundboard with more than 30 B.O.B voice clips from the movie. It also includes four levels of 52-Card Pickup game.

The Monsters vs. Aliens B.O.B application and the Monsters vs. Aliens B.O.B Bundle suite are available at the App Store for $1.99.

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