AppsMoment iOS app meant to cure you cell phone addiction

Moment iOS app meant to cure you cell phone addiction

Moment is just for you if you’re addicted to your smartphone and don’t mind an app attempting to lead you away from it and to let you focus on other things. As strange as it may sound, this utility is aimed at forcing you to use it as less as possible. Live now on the Apple App Store, it can be downloaded free of cost on all devices running iOS 7 and up.

Moment runs in the background and does not interfere with your tasks unless you’ve reached a particular limit of iPhone usage. Then, it nudges you from time to time to keep your device aside and focus on things around you. You can choose from a total of ten different reminder sounds for ringing when the limit is reached, with 5 being relaxing and the remaining 5, intense.


The Moment application has been created by a developer named Kevin Holesh in what started off as a personal project for allowing him to spend less time on his iPhone. His and girlfriend’s constant habit of whipping out their devices and browsing social media compelled him to come up with the idea of creating Moment.

This app also does a good job of keeping tabs on your usage per day, letting you know exactly how much time you spend on your handsets. It even has a feature for tracking your location based on the places you visit through the day.

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Like we said, Moment is now available to download through the Apple App Store for smartphones running iOS 7 and later. An Android version is on its way as well, notes the developer.

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