Moleskine sheaths for iPhone3G and 3GS include notepads

Moleskine Cover iPhone

Sheaths for the iPhones have become very common as majority of the companies that clothe handsets have already launched a myriad of them. So what’s the big deal if one more is added to the number of covers available in the market? Now, Moleskine flaunts two new hybrid sheaths entitled the Smartphone Cover and Tablet Cover, form fitted for the iPhone 3G, 3GS and the iPad. These are no ordinary sheaths as they proffer many more attributes than the normal protection and style ones.

We’ve seen a variety of unique cases some made of wood or wool, whereas some which integrate functionalities of a clutch or battery charger. However the Smartphone Cover and Tablet Cover from Moleskine include a Volant notebook with plain pages for those quick jot downs that can’t be done on our handsets while we are surfing or accessing other features. How much ever these devices boast of multitasking abilities, there is nothing that beats a pen and paper when it comes down to penning notes.

These analog-digital ultra-portable workstations, as the company calls them fashion the classic Moleskine notebook look and feel with the subtle rounded corners, smooth black cover and strong elastic band. An inner lining of suede protects the gadget housed within. The Smartphone Cover can be effortlessly used with headphones, Bluetooth or loud speaker without the sheath coming in its way.

The Smartphone and Tablet Covers are the first additions to the Folio Digital collection and are available through Amazon.