modu T phone innovates with add-on fy devices

modu T

Novel technology at times can take strange forms and alter our perception of what is possible and impossible. modu has taken a step ahead to create a truly customizable handset with its latest offering the modu T phone. It claims to be the Guinness World Record holder for the lightest touch phone in the world.

A 2.2 inch touchscreen handset operating on 3.5G, it comes with a 2GB memory card and supports expandable memory of up to 32GB. Mobile enthusiasts can expect the device to pack in features like FM radio, music player, GPS, web access, IM and direct access to SNS. The company has concentrated on improvising on the voice quality and providing users with an efficient interface.

Dov Moran, CEO and founder of modu, said “we are pleased and proud to introduce today our brand new products. We have undergone a difficult time in which we have learned, innovated and grew stronger and I truly believe that we are on the right track to becoming a leading company in its field. The mobile industry is considerable in size and is currently undergoing changes which would allow for companies like modu to enter the market and be worthy players in this industry.

modu T brings along with it a plethora of apps including Google Search, Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, TuneWiki, eBuddy, Snaptu and YouTube. In order to offer such a deluge of functionalities, the handset operates on Qualcomm’s Brew platform. Leaving aside all the above features, the most enticing aspect of are the fy jackets which can be snapped onto the phone for added functions. On attaching camerafy, dilettante photographers can capture attractive images with its 5MP image sensor.

Moreover, even textify a full QWERTY keyboard hardware add-on is outfitted with a 5MP camera. With boostify, mobile aficionados can go hands-free to take pleasure in single key operations, an assortment of songs and easy connectivity. Fitness freaks needn’t loose heart as this handset brings out sportfy with which they can listen to their favorite tracks and receive workout or lap information while the train.

modu T is anticipated to hit the stores in near future across various countries. Additionally, the company has introduced a Wi-Fi based device, the modu W running on Android.