MobilityZone announces Crazy Frog Racer Game for Mobile Phones

Crazy Frog Racer Mobile Game Mobile Phones games developer and publisher MobilityZone has announced a new game called Crazy Frog.This is the first game of the Crazy Frog series known as ‘Crazy Frog Racer’ which is now ready for handsets.

The player has to ride with The Annoying Thing in a high octane riot through cityscapes and underground mayhem. The player has to blast the opponents, pick up many power ups and super boosts. Players can either join The Annoying Thing or help beat him.

The features of Crazy Frog Racer mobile games include:

  • Variety of Game modes
  • Up to 20 levels
  • 3 Crazy Frogs with different abilities to choose from
  • 7 opponents to fight with
  • Up to 8 players on the track (behind character view)
  • Number of weapons, items and power up’s during the course
  • Up to 10 mini-games
  • Dozens of quests to pass trough the race course
  • Great player animations and behaviors
  • Many track obstacles and objects
  • Online feature – collect points and then send it to server
  • Different weather conditions – real impact on the game play
  • Crazy Frog Racer offers various Game Modes including:

  • QUICK RACE: Single race, just pick up random road, a character and be the first on the finish line. Gain points to write your name in online high score.
  • STORY: about 30 different races to pass trough during the mode. Each one with different combination of quests, mini-games and conditions player needs to pass.
  • CHALLENGE: Around 30 different quests unlocked after pass in Story Mode. Examples:
    Finish with 50% energy
    Eliminate 3 contenders before race is over
    Grab 30 bonus crowns
    Finish the race without using speed up pods
    On each checkpoint last one will end the race, be the first one on the last checkpoint to win the game (just like eliminator mode in Burnout series)
  • All major mobile phones available in UK market that is about 700 handsets support the game.