Mobilicity pulls out roaming service for over 60 countries


Mobilicity has a lot going on these days. Last we sighted the new carrier offering several handsets with a $100 credit. Thus, it was providing customers with handsets for $0 without any contract. Now, the carrier has launched its US and global roaming services for subscribers which includes more than 60 countries beyond the Canadian borders.

By offering this service, Mobilicity boasts of providing ‘unlimited zones and national coverage across Canada’. The company will now make it easier for users to stay connected with family and friends residing in the Caribbean, India, Europe, and the U.S, among several other countries. When Moblicity subscribers are in the U.S, they will have to pay only $0.25 per minute on calls to Canada or the U.S.

What’s more, the carrier allows handset owners to simply load funds into My Wallet whilst they travel. Thus, ensuring that at the end of the month they do not have outrageously expensive bills. My Wallet is an exclusive aspect of their service, a dedicated personal depository which makes it easy to access pay-per-use services such as roaming and downloading content.