Mobile website of TripAdvisor uncloaked

TripAdvisor Mobile Website

Avid travelers keen to explore exotic places around the world may want to lend an ear to this tidbit. Frequent visitors of TripAdvisor can now access their favorite site via mobile phones also. Yes, an official TripAdvisor mobile website has been released and is designed to cater to mobile users on-the-go.

The beta version of this mobile website is now accessible in 17 countries and 11 diverse languages. It seems to have captivated over million unique monthly visitors’ attention, apparently more than any other mobile website catering to the travel industry. Users may find close by restaurants, hotels and other places via the phone’s GPS facility.

“Our mobile website offering underscores TripAdvisor’s strategy to revolutionize how consumers get travel advice. We are continually investigating additional options for users to access our millions of reviews and opinions from fellow travelers. Whether it’s finding the best surf shop in Maui, the nearest bookshop café in Paris, or the most opulent temple in India, users now have a way to get the most travel trusted advice when they are on the go,” commented, Steve Kaufer, founder and CEO of TripAdvisor.

It supports all leading mobile phones and smartphones. Well, this mobile website can enable travelers to have global access of over 30 million trusted reviews and opinions of hotels, restaurants, attractions and many more.

TripAdvisor’s mobile website is presently accessible in U.S., U.K., Australia, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, India, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden and Turkey. Moreover, this mobile website would shortly be available in many more countries and languages.