Mobile DTV service for mobile phones, available via ACTS

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The Advanced Television System Committee, Inc (ATSC) has raised the specifications for Mobile Digital Television to Candidate Standards status. The Mobile DTV Candidate Standard is associated with the technical capabilities that are required for broadcasters in order to offer new services to mobile phones.

The Mobile DTV features strong transmission system based on vestigial sideband (VSB) modulation coupled with a flexible and extensible IP based transport. The Mobile DTV also incorporates very efficient MPEG AVC (H.264) video and HE AAC v2 audio (ISO/IEC/14496-3) coding. It also offers Application Framework to run down the software on the receivers. Receivers that use an option of internet connection will be able to access television services from simple audience voting to the integration of internet based applications. The Mobile DTV also provides the broadcasters to install new ‘data broadcasting’ services like providing real-time navigation data, news and sports highlights on demand.

“ATSC Mobile DTV will allow broadcasters to leverage the wireless and local nature of their DTV transmission,” commented ATSC President Mark Richer. “Broadcasters will be able to provide new compelling services to consumers utilizing a wide array of wireless receiving devices including mobile phones, small handheld TVs, laptop computers and in-vehicle entertainment systems. Many of these devices will utilize existing ubiquitous technologies to provide a return channel for true interactive applications.”

“The combination of live television and interactive capabilities on mobile and handheld devices is an essential element for the future success of over the air digital television,” says Glenn Reitmeier, Chairman of the ATSC Board of Directors. “Our efforts to develop ATSC Mobile DTV are a part of a strategy to provide the broadcast industry with the technical ability to deliver content to consumers on the move,” Mr. Reitmeier added, “The architecture of the Candidate Standard will make terrestrial broadcasting an important segment of the internet.”

The new service will be carried in digital broadcast channels along with the current DTV series without any adverse impact on legacy receiving equipment. The Mobile DTV service is available at the official website of ATCS.