Mobile Bolt Browser 1.6 unleashed

Bolt Logo The web browsing capabilities of desktop are now brought to mobile phones by Bolt with the Bolt Browser 1.6. This mobile browser is compatible with most of the handsets and delivers finest website rendering and displays full web pages.

The Bolt Browser 1.6 passed Acid3 test which helps browser vendors to ensure proper support for Web standards in their products, tests Web 2.0 dynamic Web applications and visual rendering, including Web fonts. The latest version offers full socket-based connectivity, enhancing page rendering speed of Bolt by 15 percent.

The new mobile browser features password manager that enables users to save user names and passwords for easier and faster login to their favorite websites and online applications. Now BlackBerry smartphone users can also set Bolt 1.6 as their default browser. With this browser, users can stream video from video websites, copy and paste, upload files such as photos and videos to websites, and order and arrange favorites into custom folders.

A light version of the Bolt mobile browser is also introduced, dubbed Bolt lite. This version is designed especially for entry-level devices and retains all the major functionalities of the Bolt mobile browser.

Both Bolt and Bolt Lite versions can be downloaded for free from Bolt’s official website.