GamesMobigame rolls out Truckers Delight game for iPhone

Mobigame rolls out Truckers Delight game for iPhone

Mobigames Trucker Delight

Love playing games on the mobile? Or just love watching crazy game video-clips? Mobigame has recently launched a new game application ‘Truckers Delight’ for iPhone users.

The game enables users to enjoy the action of crazy video-clips which will blow the gamers’ excitement to higher levels. It sports one of its kind graphics with lively action series. The bright colors make it a live game experience. Users can cotton to its exceptional music and enjoy the incredible game for a real phenomenal experience.

The game ‘Truckers Delight’ also includes funny and bone-tickling bonuses to unlock. Apart from this, the amazing game can be integrated with Facebook and Twitter and the experiences can be shared with friends. Mobigame claims ‘Truckers Delight’ to be a true philosophy.

The new Truckers Delight game can now be downloaded for $2,99 from Apple’s App Store.

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