MiniTycoon Casino game dazzles iPhone

MiniTycoon Casino Game

iPhone users have loads of action-packed games and interesting applications to choose from, thereby enhancing their mobile experience. Taking full advantage of Apple’s new Game Center network, SGN has released the exciting MiniTycoon Casino game for the iPhone.

Players can now live their tycoon dreams with utmost ease and perfection. Handset owners can efficiently develop and share mobile virtual worlds and avatars over several gaming apps.

“Social games have grown exponentially in popularity and sophistication on the Internet, and the iPhone and iPod touch are the ideal platforms to transition the experience to a wider audience,” remarked Randy Breen, CEO of SGN. “MiniTycoon Casino allows players to become the biggest tycoon by creating the most successful casino through social game play from wherever they are. In MiniTycoon Casino, players control their casino’s destiny.”

The new game helps users build their casino and eventually transform it into a multi-million dollar empire. Designed with remarkable graphics and eye-catching Roman themes, MiniTycoon Casino enables gamers to personalize their gambling arena as per their liking.

What’s more, players can augment their benefits and become the most flourishing owner in Las Vegas by improving and advancing gaming stations, compensating high rollers and hiring their friends. The vibrant iPhone 4 retina display will put forth exceptional views of a player’s casino world.

The game allures several iPhone users since they can conveniently invite their friends via Apple’s Game Center, Facebook and Twitter. Besides, users can invite new players using the handy in-game messaging system. Players can visit their friends’ casinos, amplify the entire casino experience and increase each other’s businesses. Apart from all these captivating elements, gamers can effortlessly send gifts, messages and enhance the social network. Moreover, the leaderboards are constantly updated.

The MiniTycoon Casino game is anticipated to be available through the Apple App Store soon.