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Minecraft Update 1.19.73 Fixes Several Annoying Issues

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Minecraft has been blessed with update 1.19.73, which has been aimed at fixing several crucial bugs plaguing the game. It is now available for download on major platforms that the sandbox offering can be played on.

A number of bugs had seemingly been posing minor challenges in Minecraft. These include crashes that would suddenly occur during gameplay and a crash that could occur with Command Blocks using teleport commands.

The update fixes these as well as a bug where the player’s aim height would not get adjusted correctly when sneaking. Another fix is for when Ghast volume and volume distance were too low for some players.

Minecraft 1.19.73 brings with it a fix for situations where a split-screen game would have the player’s input interrupted by other players opening up a container or inventory screen. Lastly, it solves the issue of duplicate tooltips appearing when choosing an item in the inventory with touch controls.

In the coming weeks, Minecraft players can look forward to grabbing a special Dungeons & Dragons DLC that will feature a campaign lasting around 10 hours and allow gamers to play as a number of D&D classes like Barbarian, Paladin, Wizard, and Rogue.

This Minecraft DLC will feature a custom combat system that will use a 20-side die and will involve the slaying of iconic D&D monsters like mimics, beholders, and mind flayers.

Popular locations from the Dungeons & Dragons franchise will also be recreated in this DLC. These include the Candlekeep Library and the Icewind Dale, among others.

Unfortunately, there’s no proper release date to look forward to. However, it has indeed been confirmed that the Dungeons & Dragons DLC for Minecraft will arrive sometime this spring. We’ll keep an eye out for the same.