Microsoft warns organizations, banks to stop using Windows XP

Windows XP, one of the most widely used operating systems is nearing its end as Microsoft has issued a notice warning home and commercial users to upgrade to one of the later versions. The company had announced back in April that it will stop all the technical support for the said platform in April 2014.

Even though Microsoft has already announced that it will stop supporting XP, the software giant has decided to conduct surveys for its enterprise customers to let them know about the disadvantages of continuing to use the OS. It will mostly concentrate on warning organizations, government agencies and state-owned banks as they need to protect their data and not put it on risk.

Microsoft Windows XP Logo

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The Hindu had spoken to the General Manager of the Windows Business Group, Amrish Goyal who says that about 30 percent of commercial organizations in India haven’t upgraded yet. Also, a study conducted by Ascentius Consulting has found out that as many as 34,115 public sector bank branches will be at risk when the technical support stops.

Indian banking sector is what needs to upgrade, considering that almost 50 percent of the branches have XP installed on their computers and security and increased downtimes issues will plague the system after April if they do not update. Indian Computer Emergency Response Team has also warned the government to upgrade their systems.

On April 8, 2014, Microsoft will stop offering free technical support to Windows XP users. The company has offered services for this platform for 12 years, which is claimed to be the longest for any software.

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