Microsoft Xim photo sharing app for iOS, Android, Windows Phone is here

The all new Microsoft Xim app is for those who find it utterly annoying when an impatient or curious friend to whom they’re showing a particular photograph, scrolls further to see other images. If you’ve ever been annoyed by the problem at any point of time, this interesting Microsoft app which is available for Windows Phone, Android and iOS devices will definitely please you.

Xim app can be described as an innovative cross-platform tool for easy sharing of photographs with friends and family. Once you have the Microsoft Xim app installed on your smartphones, you can share particular images with other devices in real-time.


What’s important is that this Microsoft photo sharing app is an innovative concept, and not something that’s based on an already established format. How it works is that you need to install it on your devices and invite participants via SMS or email. It’s not necessary for them to have the app installed on their handsets moreover.

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Once they’ve gotten the invite, clicking on a link will open up the slideshow for them, and all the participants can then watch the pictures you’ve chosen in a simultaneous manner. They can even zoom and leave comments on the images, which will all be shared in real-time.

The concerned photographs to be watched can be from your camera rolls, your Instagram feeds, your Facebook account or your OneDrive account. Once a group of devices is connected, anyone within that group can share their photographs or add more people if they have the app installed.

The new Xim app from Microsoft is live now on the Windows Phone Store and the Google Play store, but its iOS version still hasn’t landed on the Apple App Store for whatever reason.