Microsoft invites Indian SMBs to trade-in old hardware for Windows Azure credits

Microsoft already gives Windows Azure credits to those (in some countries) who sign up for it and now Indian SMBs who want to trade in old hardware are being offered the same. For those who don’t know, Azure is the company’s cloud platform which tries to fulfill organizations’ computing and storage needs.

Developers can use the Windows Azure cloud OS to build applications with the help of .NET, Java, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Python and several other languages, frameworks or tools. When SMBs’ (small and medium businesses) requirements expands and they run out of server space, the solution would be to buy more hardware resources to accommodate this, right?

Microsoft Azure Interface

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Azure will let companies engage Windows and Linux Virtual Machines to do the same and more. All the services, infrastructure and applications are supported by Microsoft-managed data centers around the world. The economic advantage to businesses is that they only have to pay for the resources they use and not shell out an upfront charge for a fixed amount of support.

Microsoft’s offer to Indian SMBs

SMBs can register through this link or by calling 1800 3070 4660. A Microsoft Authorized Hardware Recycle Partner will visit the company and determine the residual value of the scrap hardware. Based on the assessment, participating firms will be given monthly Azure credits that can be used to pay for the cloud service.

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Man At Work

So SMBs can grow without worrying about being able to properly test applications for the internet, allotting resources, scalability and so on to a certain extent. The YouTube video we’ve posted below breaks down the advantages of this cloud computing platform in an easily comprehensible way.

Still confused about what Microsoft Windows Azure really is and why SMBs would want to sign up for it? Here’s an explanation For Dummies.

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