Microsoft brings Edu-Cloud to India with an aim of making learning fun

Microsoft has announced in India the launch of Edu-Cloud, a cloud computing-based solution which aims at aiding digital learning and teaching for educational institutions. This new program from the Redmond-based company is all set to be adopted by as many as 80 schools from all over India soon.

The IT wing of the company has targeted the Sri Chaitanya Schools institution which holds a pan-Indian network right now. Teachers and students from 80 schools that fall under the purview of this institution will be provided with Windows-powered tablets, letting them access Microsoft’s Edu-Cloud content.

Microsoft Edu-Cloud

Aimed at making learning a more engaging experience, this program of Microsoft’s will also help children prepare for the future, according to B S Rao, who happens to be the founder of Sri Chaitanya Schools. He also commented that Microsoft’s Edu-Cloud infrastructure is the ‘best-in-class’ among competition.

A total of 14000 Windows-powered tablets bearing access to relevant content will be made available for students and teachers. According to a PTI report cited by The Hindu, Bhaskar Pramanik, the chairman of Microsoft India has called today’s students ‘digital natives.’

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He further went on to say that using cloud computing, these children will be able to create, deliver and manage content from any device, anywhere and any time. The tablets that will be delivered by Microsoft will feature free access to Office 365, apart from of course tailored cloud-based content.

The Edu-Cloud program from Microsoft is all set to grow in the future. The company expects it to reach 10 lakh teachers and 60 lakh students from more than 1500 institutes over the course of the next 18 months.