Micromax LapTab features’ analysis: Is it worth the hype?

The Micromax LapTab has been launched at the CES and the homegrown manufacturer is the first Indian brand to have designed a hybrid device that packs in the goodness of two different operating systems. It may not be good enough when compared to other gadgets which pull of the same feat, but we should consider that this is the first time that the company has tried its hands at something like this, before completely writing it off. So read on for a detailed summary of its features.

Dual OS:

Let’s first take into consideration its key highlight which is the dual OS system. Usually, Android slates are preferred by those who use them for entertainment purposes, whereas Windows is mostly picked up by professionals.

Micromax LapTab

By incorporating both platforms within a single enclosure, Micromax wishes to eliminate the need for separate gadgets for work and play. There’s no key that lets you instantly switch between them. You are required to reboot the portable PC in order to jump from Jelly Bean 4.2.2 to Windows.


The dual goodness is crammed within a chassis that tips the sales at 580 grams and on the front side, it houses a 10.1-inch multi-touch screen with IPS technology. You get HD visuals in 1280 x 800p resolution. What’s a little disappointing is that the device refrains from employing a rear-facing camera. It could be for the sake of keeping the price of the device in check. However, you do get a 2MP webcam that is accompanied by a light sensor. Interested people can even expect 32GB of onboard storage as well as an option to increase it further by up to 64GB with a little assistance from a microSD card. The slab features Bluetooth for data transferring purposes and the built-in Wi-Fi allows you to connect it to a hotspot for faster web browsing.

Micromax LapTab


On the performance front, the slate is likely to score brownie points as it manages to get an Intel Celeron N2805 processor ticking at 1.46GHz for supervising its internal working. 2GB of RAM has also been thrown into the mix for obvious reasons. When it comes to the battery life, we are placing our bets on the device’s 7400mAh power pack. It works in conjunction with a 230mAh battery that is integrated within the keyboard meant for the tablet and together, the two components can cough up the juice for usage of over 20 hours.


The Micromax LapTab does have an interesting set of features and it can prove to be a decent companion that lets you stay productive as well as entertained at all times. Its price is yet to be revealed, but we are not expecting the OEM to quote an exorbitant amount for it. The slate will be up for grabs early next month along with a dedicated keyboard and the transleeve cover.

Here we have its main features at a glance:

– 10.1-inch IPS touchscreen
– 1280 x 800p resolution
– Android Jelly Bean and Windows
– 2MP front-mounted camera
– 1.46GHz Intel Celeron N2805 processor
– 2GB of RAM
– 32GB onboard memory, expandable by 64GB
– 7400mAh battery