Meet Mymo from Tupelo, a fitness tracker gadget that pays users to be active

The Mymo is a new fitness tracker from Tupelo, a Dubai-based health and wellness brand which has launched it for a price of Rs 3999 in India. The small-sized electronic device is designed to be clipped to the user’s belt, shirt or pants and comes in multiple color options of white, black, orange, green, blue and pink.

The Tupelo fitness tracker can track and help keep a record of the user’s steps taken, calories burnt and distance covered wirelessly by connecting to Android or iPhone handsets over Bluetooth. One of the key selling points of the Mymo is supposed to be the various rewards Tupelo has bundled in, undoubtedly as part of its initial marketing efforts.


The incentives are based on the user’s movements and measured as My Miles. These points can be converted into talk time, airline miles, holiday packages and discounts on groceries. It is supposed to keep people motivated, though Freakonomics will undoubtedly have several arguments against this idea. The GOQii’s Karma Points sounds like a better stimulant, in our opinion.

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The coin-size Mymo doesn’t just connect to your iPhone or Android device; it can also be hooked up to your PC for data syncing. Mymo is water resistant and its battery should let you squeeze out about 6 months of usage before you need to recharge it. In case you’re of the competitive sort, there’s a Tupelo leaderboard which lets you compare scores with friends or family members using the wearable.

Tupelo Fitness Tracker

Tupelo claims there’s an 85% dropout rate within weeks of people purchasing a wearable gadget owing to low levels of motivation. So will the Mymo My Miles tempt you into buying it and sticking to your exercise plans? Here’s the Amazon India link from where you can buy one.