MedjetAssist launches iPhone App for Medical Emergencies

Medjet iPhone App Ever engrossed with thoughts of confronting some sorts of health mishaps? Lending a helping hand, MedjetAssist has very recently launched an app for medical emergencies entitled iMedjet. Specifically developed to help magnificently, users can now travel with emergency medical care always at their fingertips.

Quite weightily, the app comprises technical illustrations and tips on what to do in the event of various medical emergencies, content offered by A Comprehensive Guide to Wilderness and Travel Medicine, published by Adventure Medical Kits. There’s even Mobile Medical Information Storage which users and doctors can access in case of emergency.

Besides, the app enables Medjet members to store membership info and experience one-touch access to and emergency contacts while non-members can use the app to enroll in Medjet membership.

Well, iPhone and iTouch users can now download the iMedjet app for free from iTunes.