Marrone Bio new application released for iPhone

Marrone Bio App To assist growers and applicators in calculating the accurate proportion of pesticides, Marrone Bio Innovations has developed a unique application for the iPhone. Called Marrone Mobile Ag Tank Mix Calculator, the application is a pesticide tank mix calculator.

Marrone Mobile Ag Tank Mix Calculator helps growers and applicators in calculating accurate ratios of any three pesticide products that are to be combined together in the spray tank. The application is an efficient tool to meticulously calculate a precise compound.

“Efficacy, ease of use and innovation are always the driving forces in everything we do, and this mobile application is just another small example,” says Pam Marrone, CEO and Founder, Marrone Bio Innovations. “The tank mix app is one of many practical tools and products we will introduce to help farmers, pest control advisors and their field crews be more efficient in managing weeds, pests and plant diseases.”

To calculate the perfect ratio, users need to measure the capacity of the tank, the total area to be sprayed and pesticide products. It is simple and easy to use. The app calculates exact proportions of each product for each tank. Further, it calculates the total number of mixes required to treat the entire area as well as total quantity of each product required to cover the total field.

The company’s existing products and eLearning course on biopesticides serve to develop and redefine the agriculture methodology. This application is another example of the company’s effort to release new products in the agriculture market.

This innovative app can be downloaded from the official website of Marrone Bio Innovations for free. The company’s eLearning course is also available at the website. A BlackBerry version of this application is expected to release in future.