Love It or Lose It – new Fashion iPhone App unfurled

Love Lose App

Muddle-headed about what to wear in tonight’s party? Or not sure what looks best on self? Well, riveting eyes over the latest offering will for sure make users fly as high as a kite. Just launched on the iPhone App Store, Love It or Lose It is an all-new fashion app that enables fast feedback from friends and the Love It or Lose It Community, giving a piece of advice when it’s needed to help decide what to buy or what to wear.

Designed to be used to take photos of dresses, jewelry, purses, shoes, full outfits, and more, the engaging app allows recipients to rate each photo they see as either ‘Love It’, ‘Like It’, or ‘Lose It’. The sender receives the summarized results instantly and avoids fashion drama.

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“We really want to help women, and even some men, get input from people they trust, either from friends or others with similar taste in fashion. These are the opinions that count when you’re wondering what to buy or wear. I think it’s really cool that I can be out looking at some fabulous purses and to find out what others say about them on the spot, to see if one is more fabulous then the other! Sometimes things are a little more desperate though, that’s when we say it’s a matter of life or dress,” stated Gitanjali Venkatrao, Director of Fashion and Design for Golirious.

The fashion app lets users capture pictures and send them to the friends or the Love It or Lose It community for instant fashion feedback, add friends and view their profiles including their Wish Lists, and get help in finding gifts for ‘hard to shop for’ friends.

In addition, its Photo Feed feature enables users to post photos to the community for everyone to see and rate while “My Style’ feature lets one add favorite stores and designers. Users can now save their well-liked items and drop some hints by sharing a Wish List with friends. On the other hand, the ‘Help’ feature offers a quick run through of how to use the app. On lighter front, users can see all the photos they have taken, view or edit some personal information as well.

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Fashionistas can now grab the Love It or Lose It from the iPhone App Store.