Logitech X100 mobile wireless speaker hits India for Rs 2995

The Logitech X100 is a mobile wireless speaker which has been launched in India for Rs 2995. It comes in a range of colorful colors and can be hooked up to smartphones, tablets as well as other compatible devices with Bluetooth support.

We don’t know about you, but except for the teal and black Logitech X100 speakers, the rest of the color combinations look quite nauseating to us. The peripheral plays along well with devices integrated with Bluetooth A2DP technology.

Logitech X100

If you don’t need to go wireless, you can also string it to an audio source hosting a 3.5mm jack. The speaker supports phone calls too, as long as the handset to which it’s connected has Bluetooth HFP1.6 onboard.

When being used via Bluetooth, the X100 delivers a wireless range of roughly 50ft. It also boasts of a battery life spanning 5 hours. You can recharge this portable speaker by using the micro USB cable that comes bundled with it.

It can be grabbed in 5 color combinations of black and grey, dark blue and orange (shudder), indigo and yellow, purple and pink or a blend of two shades of teal.

Logitech X100 key features:

– Mobile wireless speaker
– Supports phones, tablets and other devices
– Needs Bluetooth A2DP
– Also connects to 3.5mm audio jacks
– Compatible with Bluetooth HFP1.6 handsfree
– 50-meter wireless range
– 5 hours of battery life
– Chargeable via micro USB cable

You can see the Logitech X100 in action in the YouTube video posted above. Like we’ve already mentioned, its asking price in India is Rs 2995.