SoftwareLogbook FX created by Mobile Diabetic to promote Diabetes management

Logbook FX created by Mobile Diabetic to promote Diabetes management

mdiabetics logbookfx Logo Mobile Diabetic has launched a new diabetes health diary named ‘Logbook FX’ . This is a mobile software application that combines multimedia pictures and melodies to create a cool new way of graphing and reporting blood glucose numbers.

Diabetics can now enjoy tracking their progress towards a healthier life using LogbookFX. The daily number graphs and reports identify high and low trends and guides personal diet with web carbohydrate search tables.

Mobile Diabetic strives to provide helpful resources for personal diabetes health management and education tools via mobiles. Their efforts are directed to assist diabetics to manage and control their disease thus reducing healthcare costs.

Till date there have been many medical-device manufacturers that use popular consumer electronic designs to offer diabetics with equipment that fit effortlessly into their lifestyle. The intuitive interfaces and “fun” designs in these devices encourage health monitoring and self-treatment of diabetes.

Although medical devices that monitor diabetes are continually improving, diabetics still need a motivating software tool to review daily number graphs that would advance personal care with continued use.

LogbookFX combines practical features that help diabetics visualize and improve their personal health with the attractive media-centric software thus boosting more frequent use and self-treatment. Software customization of high/low targets for daily graphs, music melodies, and downloadable wallpaper offers a more personalized touch as compared to a medical software package.

While several companies provide useful mobile logbook software, none provide software tools that manage a personal disease while also conforming to personal characteristics of the end user. The free multimedia-rich experience of LogbookFX promotes frequent use and wallpaper pictures focus on physical activity encouraging exercise.

Sponsored wallpaper media content ensures a free product for the diabetic community. Sponsors also include companies endorsing healthy diet, healthy living, or diabetes control. Sponsor logos will be displayed on-screen during picture selection and retrieval. Downloadable audio content is also being looked into.

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