LinkedIn Pulse app gets a new design, stories now based on your LinkedIn profile

The LinkedIn Pulse app has been overhauled to display stories based on its users’ profiles so that they are as relevant as possible. Built to put news from multiple RSS feeds on a single interface, Pulse started out as a class project at Stanford University in 2010. It was welcomed into LinkedIn’s fold by the time it hit 30 million users in 2013.

Now LinkedIn wants it to be a first of a kind ‘personalized business news digest’. The redesigned app shows users the latest stories based on their LinkedIn profile. Since Pulse is acquainted with the profession of the viewer or the industry to which they belong and who they follow on the website, it can easily pull up relevant posts.

LinkedIn Pulse

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The news or analysis displayed to readers will include content from LinkedIn members as well as famous publishers. Additionally, Pulse depends on human editors to pick the hottest headlines from the entire pile so that the collection of stories a user sees is not generated merely via algorithms.

In other words, the new Pulse application greets you with posts commented on or shared by people in your network, stories about your company or colleagues, curated news and trending topics from your industry or profession. This happens automatically when you sign into your LinkedIn account.

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Pulse even takes cues from the way you interact with content in order to decide how the experience can be tailored to suit your taste. When you see an interesting post, you can choose to swipe to the right to save it for reading at a later time. A flick to the left removes it from your feed.

You can download the LinkedIn Pulse app for free for your Android or iOS device from Google Play Store or Apple iTunes.

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