Popcorn Buzz by Line lets you add 200 friends to a single group call

Line has just launched an application called Popcorn Buzz which lets users add up to 200 people to a single group call and chat with them simultaneously! Talk about taking conference calling to the next level. If the company is hoping to become popular with businesses which can make use of Popcorn Buzz, we’re not sure if the name of the app is doing it any favors. It could come in handy for regular folks too for planning parties, reunions, family functions and so on.

Whether you’re downloading it for personal or professional use, it comes for free. Line is painting Popcorn Buzz to be an ideal replacement for paid, business-grade conference call options. Group video chat is not available right now, though the company claims to be working on it at present. Additionally, it wants to offer inter-connectivity with Line groups too. You may expect several more updates in the near future since the app is new and is likely to need debugging and stability fixes.

Line Popcorn Buzz

You can set up Popcorn Buzz by picking a user name and setting a profile picture. You can alternately log into the app via your Line account (if you have one) and even synchronize you contact list. Before being able to make group calls, you will need to send out the group call’s URL through a text message, email or any other means of communication. When users are engaged in conference calls, they will be able to see who is speaking owing to the green dots marking those icons.

Line has only released Popcorn Buzz for Android, but plans to do the same for Apple iOS devices soon. The app works on your data connection and does not use up your voice minutes.