Lil Kikr speakerphone gearing up to accompany Apple devices

Lil Kikr 1

A slick speakerphone for Apple devices dubbed Lil Kikr, has been launched on Kickstarter by Mike Kemery. The compact and portable gadget comes drenched in anodized red, black or silver hues, with a limited edition of ceramic white that happens to be underway.

Crafted out of aircraft grade aluminum and stainless steel, the speakerphone is apparently capable of amplifying speaker output by up to 10db as well as microphone input. Gearing up to hop onto the Apple peripherals scene, it claims to be strong and stable for docking the iPhone and holding it in place. The device has been integrated with a 30-pin USB charging cable and a 110 wall plug.

Additionally, the accessory’s stainless steel kickstands are wrapped by non-slip rubber caps which have also been included at the base for a decent grip. The minimum lines and simple aesthetics appear to have been inspired from Scandinavian design culture so that the speakerphone looks to be visually integrated with a range of devices from the Cupertino company.

Lil Kikr 2

The peripheral should make for a decent option when indulging in FaceTime in order to connect with family and friends. It should also be good for hands-free conversations while getting work done at the office or home, or simply when relaxing to soothing music.

The Lil Kikr project can only enter production once it is funded up to $20,000 on Kickstarter before May 13, 2012. With 16 days to go, the device has received 211 backers and $14,860 in funds.