Lie Detector application for the iPhones

lie detector application

iPhone is widely used today, the phone is been loaded with lot of applications. The latest application for the iPhone is the Lie Detector by John Freeman. With this application, people will really need to think twice before they speak because if they lie, they will be caught immediately with the help of a lie detector.

iPhone Lie Detector is a very simple application that allows you to find if someone is telling the truth or not. The Lie Detector claims that it will be able to identify whether a person is telling the truth or not but its more like guessing game. The application also claims that chances of getting the correct information are 50/50. On opening the application, a screen is displayed that would like to know few personal information about the person.

The application will throw upon few questions like, whether the person taking the test is male or female; enter their first name, age and finally the question that you wish to test. After which you can find out the truth about the person. The application seems to be more of fun than the actual practical functional application.

All the iPhone users who would like to try their hands on this application can purchase this application from the AppStore for $2.99.