LG planning to roll out Formula One mobile phone

LG Formula One mobile phone LG tries its best to come up with new mobile phones. It collaborates with the famous brands to create an innovative range of mobile phones for its loyal users. It seems like LG has collaborated with Formula motorsports. Well it’s not collaborated to launch a new engine or anything related to cars, it has teamed up to launch LG’s Formula One special edition mobile phone.

LG has not confirmed the news but it looks as if LG will really bring this special edition phone in market soon. There is no news on the phone’s specifications or features but LG has signed an agreement with F1.

Chief Marketing Officer, Dermont Boden says that LG is “looking to develop products in the future with Formula One.” Other F1 themed LG products might be created to and we might not have a handset at all!

We have to wait and watch until it gets announced officially and be patient enough to see what exactly LG’s formula One special edition phone look like.