LG Optimus Black and Revolution to walk the red carpet at CES 2011

LG Optimus Black

Just yesterday, we reported about the delay in the 4G development for BlackBerry devices by RIM. Striking right on an opportunity, LG is currently planning on how exactly it will showcase the newest Optimus Black and LTE-equipped Revolution handset to the world at CES this week, as disclosed by Engadget.

The slim Optimus Black is cited to flaunt the best display quality. A few days back, there was a rumor about a mobile device dubbed LG B featuring the highest resolution ever possible by a handset. Probably the LG B and Optimus Black turn to be the same models. The company has tweeted that the B would launch at CES 2011, supposedly taking about this one.

Along with a 4” display, the Optimus Black comes with Wi-Fi Direct certification and a 2MP front-facing camera for seamless video calling. For those who wish to know about all the details, it measures 9.2mm thin. The second handset, the LTE-connected Revolution, will most likely run on Verizon’s newly created 4G network.

With CES ready to knock off tomorrow, the exhibition week is sure to amaze and stun us with more such devices.