LGLG G3 handset explodes and burns a hole in a mattress

LG G3 handset explodes and burns a hole in a mattress

The LG G3 is one great smartphone, but you might become less fond of it after hearing what a customer had to experience. As the title indicates, the handset exploded all of a sudden while charging causing a fire and burning a huge hole into a mattress.

This happened to an LG G3 unit belonging to a Reddit user’s sister and images of the aftermath have been posted to the community. The user claims that the phone was just lying on the bed charging and all of a sudden was covered in smoke. The fire led to a huge hole in the mattress as is visible in the image below and luckily, no one was injured.


The cause of the problem is said to be the battery and T-Mobile, through which the handset was purchased, has offered assistance to help investigate the issue. A smartphone catching fire and exploding is nothing new. We’ve seen reports of a Samsung Galaxy S4 go supernova, an iPhone 6 causing its owner burns after getting bent, and a lot more just this year itself.

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And while the outcome of such incidents isn’t really life taking, it has left many with severe injuries. Most of the time, these explosions occur because of using third-party batteries and chargers. But there’s always the possibility of a defected unit being the cause which appears to be the culprit in this case.

But let’s not jump to conclusions so quickly and wait for LG who is likely to offer an official statement disclosing the cause of the G3 explosion after their investigation. Also, T-Mobile might just gift the user a free replacement, if that makes up for a burning mattress.

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