Levi’s launches its first handset with ModeLabs in Hong Kong

Levis Mobile Phone ModeLabs, a creator of mobile phones has announced the first handset by Levi’s to be introduced in Hong Kong.

The Levi’s handset introduced in Hong Kong has attracted a lot of consumers as the phone is quite trendy.

Jean-Alexis Chatelain, ModeLabs’ Sales Vice-President in Asia commented, “So far, the Levi’s mobile phone has received an excellent reception in Hong Kong.”

He further continued, “We are working in close collaboration with Levi’s in order to benefit from their brand image, the strength of their communication, and their commercial networks.”

This Levi’s handset delivers mobile technology and allows youngster to connect, enjoy music, images and video.

The Levi’s mobile phone comes in metallic silver, black and brown copper. They want to target mainly female consumers as the phone offers a feminine shiny silver and shiny sand look with a mirror screen.

There is rear design and an option to have a message engraved on the back for the user to personalize the phone.