Kogan stereo entertainment system and iPad dock shouts out loud

Kogan Stereo Entertainment System 01

The Kogan stereo entertainment system and iPad dock is here to undercut the competition with its price tag apparently being the high point. An iOS Kogan Music Hub app also happens to be thrown into the mix to gel with the speaker.

Basically, loud music should be part of the experience with the booming speakers as the slab sits pretty between them. The aforesaid app accommodates local FM radio and above 15,000 internet radio stations for music enthusiasts. This fresh entrant also entrenches an auxiliary input to offer access to other gadgets or equalizer settings.

Kogan Stereo Entertainment System 02

“At Kogan we believe technology makes the world a better place, and our mission is to make it more affordable for all Australians. Our theatre system is packed with all the features our customers want in a great quality entertainment system, and we’ve also created an iOS App to complement it, available free for the iPad and iPhone!,” commented Ruslan Kogan, Founder and CEO of Kogan.

“Stylish iPad docks with good quality speakers have been far too expensive for too long. Our new dock looks good, sounds great, and is extremely affordable – one that people will be proud to show off in their home,” continued Kogan.

Kogan Stereo Entertainment System 03

As an added advantage, the system can showcase the content on the iPad’s display on a TV with the built-in RCA connectors. Probably arriving as added appeal to the visual senses is the fact that the speaker sports a smooth aluminum finish. The package comes with a trim remote featuring the regular playback controls along with EQ and input options. Proud owners of the new iPad may be happy to know that the audio gear is fully compatible with the tablet.

The Kogan stereo entertainment system and iPad dock price is marked at $199 and it is available at retail outlets.